About Gauchet Asian Art

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Located in Paris, France with operations in greater Europe and Asia, Gauchet Asian Art provides expertise services for ancient and modern works of art.


Our mission is to share our knowledge and expertise in order to better equip clients to make better and more informed decisions about their artwork. Our aptitude lies within our commitment to provide personalized and reliable assistance as we facilitate: acquisitions, sourcing pieces, complementing existing collections, providing curatorial services, investment services, procuring accurate provenance and valuation, selling and consignment information and overall expertise to start or enhance your collection. 

Gauchet Asian Art provides an expertise service for collectors as well as private clients who own Chinese or Asian art and are willing to understand the value of their goods and possibly resell them.

We are a member of the Oriental Ceramic Society and of the CECOA expert syndicate. We can provide an Expertise certificate for any type of Asian art object and we can help understand the exact market value of your objects before planning to resell them.

Jean Gauchet has extensive knowledge with Asian Art and especially with Chinese Ancient Art in domains like ancient jades, porcelains, bronzes from Tibet, Himalaya, Nepal, Mongolia, China, cloisonné and all other works of art from China and the surrounding countries.

Jean Gauchet has founded the Gauchet Asian Art expertise cabinet to provide help and information to his client's owners of Asian art. Our mission is to help clients from all backgrounds and who are either willing to expand their collection or to resell objects they have bought in the past or have acquired through inheritance.

The Chinese and Asian Art market is made of different actors. Our role is to provide expertise and appraisal to collectors and we also assist Auction Houses to hold specialized Asian Art sales.

We partner with different auction houses around the globe to help sell your objects at the best rate and in the best conditions. Specifically, we have close ties with auction houses in France and we provide them with a complete expertise service to hold their Asian Art auctions.