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Asian Art expertise at Poitiers

Welcome to Gauchet Art Asiatique, your reference for Asian art expertise in Poitiers. We offer a comprehensive range of assessment, expertise, and support services for enthusiasts and collectors of Asian art objects.

Institutions and Links with Asian Art in Poitiers

In Poitiers, the Asian art scene is enriched by renowned institutions such as the Sainte-Croix Museum and the Rupert de Chièvres Museum. These institutions offer a captivating insight into Asian art, showcasing diverse and precious collections.


Qualified Expertise

Our firm holds in-depth expertise in various types of Asian art objects, covering:

  • Ceramics and Porcelains: We specialize in identifying, evaluating, and authenticating Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese ceramics and porcelains.

  • Painted Enamels and Lacquers: Our team of experts is skilled in the meticulous analysis of painted enamels and lacquers to determine their origin and value.

  • Sculptures and Furniture: We are qualified to assess the quality, authenticity, and provenance of Asian sculptures and furniture.

  • Art Objects and Weapons: Our expertise extends to various art objects such as ritual items, traditional musical instruments, and ancient weapons from Southeast Asia.


Client Accompaniment

To meet your specific needs, we offer two types of services for the sale of your art objects:

  • Auction Sales: We guide you through the entire auction sales process, providing expertise to maximize the value of your assets.

  • Private Sales: Our team accompanies you in private sales by confidentially and personally connecting buyers and sellers.


Making an Appointment

You can schedule an appointment with our office in Poitiers for personalized consultations. Additionally, we also offer appointments in the Metz region to better serve you.

At Gauchet Art Asiatique, our commitment is to provide reliable and personalized expertise services for all your Asian art needs. Contact us today to explore the captivating world of Asian art.

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