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Asian Art expertise at Angers

The Gauchet Asian Art Cabinet is delighted to offer expertise services in Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Southeast Asian art for the city of Angers. Led by Jean Gauchet, a renowned expert in the field, the multidisciplinary cabinet possesses a sharp knowledge, but above all, a profound passion for the various facets of Asian art.

The diversity of skills within the team enables precise expertise across various types of artworks, including ceramics, porcelain, painted enamels, lacquers, furniture, art objects, and even ancient weaponry from this region. This comprehensive expertise ensures a precise and detailed evaluation of the pieces, providing a deep understanding of their historical, cultural, and market value.

In addition to expertise services, the Gauchet Asian Art Cabinet offers personalized guidance and insightful advice for private sales and auctions. Whether building a private collection, dealing with an estate, or investing in exceptional pieces, the team provides its expertise to best advise its clientele. Each step is meticulously guided, from identifying the pieces to their evaluation, and through the procedures for a successful sale.

In Angers, the presence of institutions related to Asian art confirms the cultural dynamism of the region. Institutions like the Museum of Fine Arts regularly organize fascinating exhibitions to showcase Asian art in various forms. Similarly, the Angers Municipal Library offers learning and discovery opportunities for enthusiasts and the curious.

Overall, the Gauchet Asian Art Cabinet stands out in Angers as a true expert in the field of Asian art. Its commitment to authenticity, knowledge, and personalized advice makes it an essential reference for enthusiasts, collectors, and all those seeking to explore the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Asia through its artistic treasures.

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