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Asian Art expertise at Arles

Gauchet Art Asiatique is your trusted partner for Asian art expertise in Arles. We offer specialized services in the assessment, authentication, and support for enthusiasts of Asian art objects.

Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of Asian art, covering various specialties:

  • Chinese Art: We specialize in identifying, evaluating, and authenticating Chinese artworks, including ceramics, porcelains, painted enamels, sculptures, and furniture.

  • Japanese Art: We are well-versed in Japanese arts, including lacquerware, prints, textiles, and decorative arts.

  • Vietnamese Art: Our expertise extends to Vietnamese ceramics, lacquerware, sculptures, textiles, and both traditional and contemporary works.

  • Art of Southeast Asia: Precise evaluation of textiles, sculptures, weapons, and ritual objects from Southeast Asia is within our expertise.


Cultural Life in Arles and Asian Art

Arles boasts a vibrant cultural scene where Asian art is celebrated and showcased in renowned institutions like the Arles Antique Museum, displaying a diverse artistic heritage.


Client Support

For art sales, we provide two distinct services:

  • Auction Sales: Maximize the value of your assets with our expertise in auction sales.

  • Private Sales: Benefit from a personalized and confidential approach for private sales.


Scheduling Appointments

Arrange a detailed assessment of your Asian art objects with our office in Arles. Consultations are also available in the Metz region to better serve your needs.

Gauchet Art Asiatique is committed to providing quality expertise and tailor-made service to meet your requirements in Asian art. Contact us now to explore the fascinating world of Asian art.

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