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Asian Art expertise at Bordeaux

Present in the Asian art market for many years, Gauchet Art Asiatique is now available in the city of Bordeaux. Our team of dedicated and experienced experts is here to meet your needs in terms of expertise, advice, and guidance for your precious collection of Asian art. Whether you are a collector, an art enthusiast, or looking to sell treasures of Asian art, we are here to offer our expertise.

Expertise in Furniture and Art Objects

Asian art is rich in diversity and centuries-old history. If you own antique furniture, sculptures, traditional or contemporary art objects from China, Japan, Vietnam, or other countries in Southeast Asia, our team of experts is at your service to assess their authenticity, provenance, historical and artistic value. We are committed to providing accurate evaluations to help you better understand the significance of your assets.

Ceramics and Porcelain

Asian ceramics and porcelain bear silent witness to the art and culture of these fascinating regions. Our team of Asian art experts in Bordeaux specializes in the assessment of ancient and contemporary ceramics and porcelain. Whether you need to assess a unique piece, a collection, or seek advice on maintenance, we are here to guide you.

Paintings, Lacquer, and Painted Enamels

Asian paintings, lacquers, and painted enamels are valuable artistic treasures. We offer our expertise to authenticate, date, and assess your Asian artworks. Whether it's a Chinese ink painting, an exquisite Vietnamese lacquer piece, or delicate Japanese painted enamels, our team of experts can provide valuable insights into your artworks.

Accompaniment and Advice for Private Sales and Auctions

The decision to sell an Asian art piece is a crucial step. Our accompaniment and advice service guides you through the entire process. We assist you in determining the best time to sell, choosing the most suitable selling platform, and establishing an appropriate reserve price. Our expertise enables you to maximize the value of your assets while minimizing risks.

Cultural Life Related to Asian Art in Bordeaux

Asian art is not just an area of expertise for us; it's a passion we share with the Bordeaux community. Bordeaux, known for its rich cultural heritage, also offers a space for the appreciation of Asian art. We encourage the discovery of Asian culture through exhibitions, lectures, and special events. Whether you are a seasoned collector or an enthusiast seeking new experiences, our team is delighted to share its passion with you.

Bordeaux is also home to many Asian art enthusiasts and has several institutions related to this field.

  • Museum of Decorative Arts and Design of Bordeaux (MADD): This museum houses a collection of decorative arts and design, including objects and furniture of Asian origin. They also organize temporary exhibitions related to Asian art.

  • Aquitaine Museum: The Aquitaine Museum offers exhibitions on the history and culture of the region. They may have temporary exhibitions related to Southeast Asia and its interactions with the region.

  • Contemporary Art Galleries: Contemporary art galleries in Bordeaux may offer exhibitions of contemporary Asian artists or artists inspired by Asia.


Contact Us Today

Whether you want to have an Asian art piece appraised, seek advice on selling, or simply learn more about Asian art, the Gauchet Art Asiatique team in Bordeaux is here to assist you. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is our priority. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs for expertise, advice, or to learn more about our cultural events. Asian art is a gateway to a world of beauty, tradition, and creativity, and we would be honored to guide you on this journey.


Gauchet Art Asiatique is more than an Asian art expertise business; it is a community of enthusiasts ready to share their love for this extraordinary art form. Join us in Bordeaux to explore and celebrate Asian art in all its splendor.

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