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Asian Art expertise at Clermont-Ferrand

Dive into the world of Asian art with Gauchet Expertise in Clermont-Ferrand. Under the guidance of the renowned expert Jean Gauchet, our team offers unparalleled expertise in authenticating, evaluating, and showcasing exquisite Asian artworks. Our services encompass auctions, with the assistance of an experienced auctioneer, and private sales, ensuring a comprehensive approach to meet your needs.

Expertise covering various realms of Asian Art

  • Chinese Art: From porcelain, ceramics, jade, bronze, sculptures, to cloisonné enamels and painted enamels, our expertise covers a wide spectrum of Chinese art, including furniture and paintings. We delve into the details of each piece, ensuring authenticity and evaluating their historical significance.

  • Japanese Art: Explore the allure of Japanese lacquerware, bronzes, weapons, armor, porcelains, ceramics, and cloisonné. Our dedicated team guarantees authenticity and provides insights into the artistic value and cultural context of each item.

  • Vietnamese Art: Discover the uniqueness of Vietnamese paintings, lacquerware, and various art objects. Our evaluations cater to collectors and enthusiasts seeking an in-depth understanding of Vietnamese artistry.

  • Southeast Asian Art: Our expertise also encompasses a variety of artworks from the Southeast Asian region, offering perspectives on the cultural richness and artistic heritage of this area.

Schedule an Evaluation or Expert Consultation

Our Gauchet Art Asiatique team is available by appointment in Clermont-Ferrand to address your evaluation and expertise needs. Whether you seek an appraisal, wish to explore the history behind a piece, or intend to sell a valuable artwork, our experts are here to guide you at every step.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover the depth of knowledge and dedication that Gauchet Expertise in Asian Art brings to Clermont-Ferrand.

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