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Asian Art expertise at Rouen

Gauchet Art Asiatique in Rouen: Expertise and Passion for Asian Art.

Located in the beautiful city of Rouen, Gauchet Art Asiatique embodies a devoted passion for Asian art, offering unparalleled expertise in authenticating, evaluating, and appraising artistic treasures from China, Japan, Vietnam, and Southeast Asia.

Asian Art Expertise

  • Chinese Art: Centuries of history and artistic refinement define Chinese art, including porcelain, ceramics, jade, bronze, sculptures, and cloisonné and painted enamels. Our specialized team delves into every detail to ensure authenticity and evaluate the historical significance of these works.

  • Japanese Art: Subtle lacquerings, rare and beautiful bronzes, weapons, armor, porcelain, ceramics, and cloisonné contribute to the richness of Japanese art. Our experts offer a unique perspective on the artistic value and cultural context of each piece.

  • Vietnamese Art: Vietnamese paintings and lacquers reflect the very essence of Vietnamese culture. Our team conducts in-depth evaluations for collectors and enthusiasts of Vietnamese art.

  • Southeast Asian Art: This diverse region encompasses a multitude of art objects with varied influences. Our expertise extends to this artistic spectrum, highlighting its cultural richness and unique artistic heritage.

Auctions and Private Sales

For those desiring to sell or acquire unique pieces, Gauchet Art Asiatique offers two distinct avenues:

Auctions: In collaboration with experienced auctioneers, we organize prestigious Asian art auctions. These events provide an exceptional opportunity to sell or acquire highly valuable artistic treasures.

Private Sales: If you prefer a more confidential approach, we facilitate private sales for buyers and sellers. This method ensures direct and discreet transactions, offering absolute flexibility and confidentiality.

Museum Institutions Related to Asian Art in Rouen

Rouen houses exceptional cultural institutions that showcase Asian art:

  • The Museum of Fine Arts in Rouen offers a diverse collection of Asian art, providing a fascinating immersion into the various cultures of this region of the world.

  • The Museum Le Secq des Tournelles presents a collection of decorative arts and art objects, some of which have Asian origins, adding a unique dimension to the artistic experience.

Availability for Expert Appraisals in Rouen and its Region

Gauchet Art Asiatique is available by appointment in Rouen and its region for any requests for evaluation and expertise. Whether you seek a precise appraisal, wish to discover the history of an artwork, or are considering selling a precious art piece, our experts are here to guide you at every step.

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