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Asian Art expertise at Le Havre

Explore the world of Asian art expertise offered by Gauchet Art Asiatique in the vibrant city of Le Havre. Rooted in the cultural fabric of the city, our firm provides unparalleled expertise in Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Southeast Asian arts.

Le Havre, a city brimming with cultural diversity, hosts prominent institutions deeply connected to Asian art, such as the MuMa André Malraux Museum and the Maison de l'Asie. These establishments play a pivotal role in nurturing the appreciation for Asian art among the residents and visitors of Le Havre.

Led by Jean Gauchet, our team of experts boasts exceptional qualifications and extensive knowledge in ceramics, porcelain, painted enamels, lacquer, furniture, and various Asian art objects. With a wealth of experience, we take pride in our ability to identify, evaluate, and authenticate unique pieces, earning the trust of our clients.

At Gauchet Art Asiatique, we understand the profound significance of each art acquisition or sale. Hence, we are dedicated to offering personalized guidance tailored to both private collectors and public auction settings. Our commitment extends beyond assessing monetary value; we delve into the cultural and historical value of each piece.

Whether you are an avid collector, an art enthusiast, or new to the realm of Asian art, Gauchet Art Asiatique is your trusted companion in Le Havre. Join us in exploring the diverse heritage of Asian art, where each piece carries a story and contributes to the enrichment of your personal collection.

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