Founder & Expert

Jean Gauchet

Jean Gauchet is the founder and head expert of Gauchet Asian Art. He is an expert and specialist, focusing primarily on Asian art and antiquities. With his extensive art knowledge and experience living and working in China and East Asia, Jean is a foremost expert in many aspects of Asian art, customs, language, and culture, including; Chinese, Thai, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Greco-Buddhist, Tibetian, Vietnamese, Burmese, Islamic and Nepalese fine art and objects.


Originally from the south of France, Jean Gauchet was born into a lineage of art collectors and dealers. After assisting his family with their European fine art and decor business in Nice and Miami, he then traveled to Shanghai to study and learn more about the Asian art market. Jean continued his art education at Northeastern University in Boston. Fluent in French, English, Spanish, Italian and Chinese, Jean has a built a diverse clientele that includes collectors from Europe, Asia, North America, Africa and the Middle East.

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Jean possesses a talented and scholarly eye for discovering and exhibiting fine art. Drawing from his multifaceted career and well-informed aesthetic, Jean consults and offers his expertise to auction houses, private collectors, museums and corporate offices around the world. He is a member of London’s Oriental Ceramic Society and is also a member and a leading Asian art expert for the C.E.C.O.A (Chambre Européenne Des Experts-Conseil En Oeuvres D’Art) in Paris. In addition to conducting corporate and private consultations, Jean is the head Asian art expert for Millon auction house in Paris, hosting quarterly auctions and providing specialized expertise.


Jean produces an annual catalog of curated personal and consigned artworks. By fostering a universal dialog between the East and the West, Jean offers his audience an opportunity to learn more about the works on view and the context in which they were produced. Jean displays the collection annually at the Hong Kong International Antiques Fair as well as Asia Week in London and Paris. Jean’s accolades include: cultivating the 2019 record-breaking 3,250,000 euros sale of a single object at auction in Paris, being recognized and leading participant at Sotheby’s Young Dealer’s annual event, handling both the cataloging and sale of the Spoerry collection as well as consistent recognition at the Hong Kong Fair as a top contributor. Gauchet Asian Art has been mentioned in a multitude of publications around the world including Artdaily, Asia Week Paris, Asia Week London, La Gazette Drouot, CANS Asia Art News, Antiques Trade Gazette, Wen Wei Po, etc