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Over 20 Years Experience with Asian Art

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Asian Art Expertise

With global recognition, Gauchet Asian Art is an art advisory and expertise company that works internationally with private and corporate clientele. Gauchet Asian Art has an expertise office location in Paris, France and offers a variety of services to the seasoned collector, institutions, museums, novice collectors, art enthusiasts and those looking for a general appraisal, curatorial interest, selling, and acquisition.


With partnerships and clientele in all the major world capitals of art, Gauchet Asian Art offers assistance, advice and estimations services for handling, curating and placing your Asian art.


Gauchet Asian Art is a partnering company of Kubera Asian Art. Kubera and Gauchet Asian Art have combined forces and have strengthened their renowned reputation within the Asian art market lasting over 20 years, and allocating their experience and expertise in the Asian art field for museums, collectors and associated institutions world wide.


Clients can meet us directly at our office location in Paris, France, or as expert specialists, we also offer the option for in home services to collectors and those who have object(s) and would like to obtain estimates, expertise, sell and/or acquire Asian artworks.

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