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Following the expertise and authentication of an artwork is an estimated evaluation. It is advantageous to evaluate your assets and artworks for future provenance issues, estate planning, transactions, insurance purposes and for your personal archives. 

The proper assessment and estimation of an object's value is a meticulous process that includes several determinate criteria including: the dimension of the work of art, the materials used, quality craftsmanship, conservation, conditions of the artwork, the congruence between the alleged style of the period and the actual manufacturing, the demand for the particular artwork and era, etc. With all of these components, we are able to provide our clients with the most accurate estimate report.

Please provide us with the maximum amount of information about your artwork for the most accurate estimate. Please send clear, good quality photographs, accurate dimensions, any details that concern the restoration, conservation and any other relevant information regarding the condition; as well as how you acquired the object, has it been featured or published-if so please provide details. If you have had other expertise reports in the past, please include this in your documents. All information is relevant and necessary for greater precision within our estimations. 

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