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Our expertise service gives a precisely determined value for your artworks. When analyzing an object, the first step is to date the creation process and origin. This is where the true expertise is carried out through a technical analysis of the medium, an analysis of the materials used, an analysis of the harmony of colors, shapes, general equilibrium, etc. Together, this criterion defines the rarity and aesthetic in ancient art.

Often with Asian artworks, there are questions regarding history, authenticity, and aesthetic quality. Our expertise helps our clients decipher the average from the best. Quality always takes precedence within our search criteria. Indeed, a Chinese sculpture of the 20th century can sometimes be worth more than a similar sculpture dating back to the 16th century, simply because of the quality of the work, the signature or the storage conditions. 

Qualified, professional and personable, our experts are available to accommodate your questions, concerns, and availability. GAA offers to appraise Asian furniture, artworks, and objects at their office location or at your location. We encourage our clients to send us a photograph of the artwork and/or objects in order to consider the piece first and then follow up with proper due diligence.

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