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Asian Art Expertise in
Monaco and Menton

Welcome to Gauchet Asian Art, your trusted source for Asian art expertise in the beautiful cities of Monaco and Menton. Gauchet Asian Art, headed by renowned expert Jean Gauchet, is at your service to provide a full range of Asian art services.


Auctions and Private Sales 

Whether you want to sell or acquire art treasures, we are here to guide you through the process, offering two distinct options to meet your needs: the auction with the assistance of a curator-experienced auctioneer or a confidential private sale.



Museums and Institutions related to Asian Art

Monaco and Menton, two jewels of the Côte d'Azur, are places conducive to the appreciation of Asian art. These cities offer a rich cultural environment that is enriched even more thanks to the presence of the Museum of Asian Arts in Nice, located nearby. This museum houses an exceptional collection of Asian art, offering an immersion into the diversity, history and beauty of these precious works.


Our areas of expertise 

If you have Asian art pieces that you want to appraise, evaluate or sell, we are available by appointment to discuss your needs. Whether it’s for public auctions, private confidential auctions, or simply to get information about your Asian art pieces, our team of experts is here to guide you through every step of the process. During your appointment, we will carefully examine your objects, assess their origin, authenticity and market value. Our expertise covers a wide range of Asian art including Chinese art, Japanese art, Vietnamese art and Southeast Asian art. Here is an overview of our area of expertise:

Chinese Art:

knowledge extends to Chinese porcelain and ceramics, known for their finesse and elegance. We can help you authenticate and evaluate antique and contemporary pieces for their precious provenance. Jade and bronze sculptures are also treasures of Chinese art, and our expertise will guide you in understanding the quality, origin and value of these rare pieces. Moreover, the sculptures, cloisonné enamels and painted enamels offer a fascinating insight into Chinese creativity through the centuries, and we assess their artistic and historical importance.


Japanese Art:

We specialize in lacquers, bronzes, weapons and armor, porcelain, ceramics and Japanese partitions. These artistic objects combine functionality and aesthetics, and our expertise reveals their beauty and history.



Vietnamese Art:

Our expertise extends to Vietnamese paints and lacquers, which reflect Vietnamese culture in a unique way. We evaluate these works for collectors and enthusiasts of Vietnamese art.



Southeast Asian Art:

This diverse region is home to a variety of art objects, and our expertise also covers these areas, allowing you to explore and appreciate the artistic treasures of Southeast Asia.

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